Retrospect 7.7 for Windows Release Notes
  • 24 Oct 2023
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Retrospect 7.7 for Windows Release Notes

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Article Summary

This document lists the changes made for Retrospect 7.7 for Windows. Note that Build 562 used a different bug-tracking database that changed the bug numbering format for that release only.

Retrospect 7.7 (620) for Windows

804: -1019 errors occurring on random files, especially on volumes with a large number of files (previously bugs RET-4699 and 24444)

1609: Error -1004 on Exchange 2010 backups where log files are saved to an alternate volume (previously bug RET-5678)

2263: Add device recognition strings for NEC T30A and T60A

2330: Proactive backup lists the status of Windows clients as source not available

Retrospect 7.7 (612) for Windows

Added support for the new version 9 Retrospect Client for Mac OS X on Intel Macs.

1952: Fixed a bug where performing a Recycle of a Backup Set takes hours instead of minutes when a complex Config is used.

1964: Fixed a Catalog out of sync error when reaching the 8TB point on a Drobo RAID configured as single large volume.

2156: Eliminated a problem that caused Error -1012 when restoring nested locked folders with a locked file.

2164: Updated the bare-metal recovery build’s device recognition strings.

2165: Added device recognition strings for LTO 6 tape drives.

2213: Fixed a bug that resulted in the engine crashing with an elem.cpp-2591 assert error during restore/duplicate.

0104: Backup of exchange mailboxes incorrectly creating registry keys

Retrospect 7.7 (562) for Windows

64-bit versions of Retrospect capable of running multiple concurrent executions can now run up to 16 executions simultaneously. The limit was previously 8 executions.

RET-235: Fixed a crash (elem.cpp-1138 assert) that could occur when Retrospect sent a cleaning cycle command to a tape library while another operation was running.

RET-4656: Fixed a cosmetic issue where Retrospect could show -1 Exchange Agent licenses available.

RET-4657: Fixed a bug where assigning an Exchange 2003-2010 Agent license to an Exchange 2010 server would cause Retrospect to decrement the number of * Exchange 2003-2007 licenses available.

RET-4673: Fixed a bug where Retrospect would ask the user twice when the release of an Exchange Server Agent license was canceled.

RET-4683: Fixed a bug where backing up Public Folder Mailboxes could intermittently result in "can’t read, error -3405 (unknown)."

RET-4686: Corrected a cosmetic issue with non-English-language versions that caused Exchange Servers to be listed in the script overview window as "Exchange Server Exchange Server [Server Name]."

RET-4687: Fixed a bug that prevented the Backup Wizard from being able to create Backup Set on the boot volume, resulting in a "couldn’t create folder c:\ error -1 (unknown)" response.

RET-4692: Made a change to truncate Assert Logs >256 KB when using Retrospect’s built-in support log submission send tool.

RET-4698: Fixed a bug that prevented Retrospect from mounting an unmounted, recovered Exchange mailbox database.

RET-4700: Changed the way memory is accessed to prevent an out of memory crash (tmemory.cpp-382 assert) with the 32-bit version of Retrospect.

RET-5367: Fixed a problem where the Retrospect Launcher service could prevent an update install from completing on Windows 7.

RET-5368: Fixed a bug that caused Retrospect to attempt to backup deleted mailboxes on an Exchange Server.

RET-5372: Fixed a bug that could cause Retrospect to generate "Error -1017 (insufficient permissions)" when backing up certain system state components * (such as the COM+ Registration database or IIS metabase) from a client computer.

RET-5373: Fixed a bug where Retrospect could fail to back up the Removable Storage Manager on a client computer and generate "error -557 (transaction * already complete)."

RET-5393: Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of add-on license codes.

RET-5394: Fixed a License Manager bug that caused added Exchange 2003-2010 license codes to show up as Exchange 2003-2007 license codes and prevent * licensing agents for Exchange Server 2010.

RET-5398: Fixed a bug that could cause Retrospect to show up twice in Windows' Add/Remove Programs window.

RET-5409: Fixed a License Manager bug that could prevent an Exchange 2003 or 2007 server from being unlicensed.

RET-5410: Fixed a serious data loss bug that rendered Incremental/Differential/Log backups of Exchange Server 2010 databases useless for restores. (Note: This bug only impacted Exchange Server 2010 backups. See also RET-5421 below.)

RET-5418: Added recognition for Fujitsu ETERNUS LT xx family tape libraries.

RET-5421: Added functionality to automatically force a new full backup of all Exchange Server 2010 databases to provide known good restore points. (Note: * This fix mitigates the data loss failure from RET-5410 above.)

Retrospect 7.7 (533) for Windows

Added support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (requires new Exchange Add-on license)

23677: UIR/HD: date display wrong (with a gap of time zone)

24449: 3405 error on mailboxes

24496: Assertion failure at "disaster.cpp-2529" > from backup set properties

24536: SBS does not accept SBS Add-on value Pack code

24608: BMR sometimes hangs during startup

24946: Mac console displays update alert when connected to windows engine

24947: Mac console crash when connected to running windows engine

24971: BMR: Register need to remove option for mail/fax

24976: FR: App installer: Firewall lists about Retrospect Express HD

25007: Selector list: characters not displaying correctly

25059: Retrospect 7.7 backup server name not saving in email notification

25088: Assert: memutil_win.cpp-63 while searching multiple backup sets

25095: CN: x64 failing to launch after install error on treesixone.dll

25100: JP: Firewall message displaying behind installer on vista

25155: Assert log shows OS as Vista for Windows Server 2008

25156: Preference: eject tapes and discs when exiting not working

25161: Preferences: Create Private Key states 'prikey.dat'

25163: Add recognition for new Qualstar RLS libaries

25178: Add device recognition for IBM DAT160

25179: Add recognition for Qualstar XLS-8000 library series

25182: Retrospect 7.7, asking for a tape that is already in the tape drive

25183: Encryptor Unavailable Type ca21

25190: manual selection from sessions tab selects all files

25217: BMR: Add WORM support for HP DAT320

Retrospect 7.7 (341) for Windows

24100: Infinite Loop Recatalogging Disk Media Set

24301: Modified firmware bounds for Quantum rebranded HP LTO3HH/LTO4HH

24326: Add recognition for IBM TS2900 library (3572-TL)

24397: Add recognition for Quantum DAT320 tape drive (OEM’d from Sony)

24399: Add recognition for Tandberg LTO-5 tape drive (OEM’d from HP)

24411: Add WORM support for Quantum DAT320 (OEM’d from Sony)

24427: 3405 error on mailboxes

24441: Add recognition for Sony DAT320 tape drive

24600: Tape eject fails in verification if off

24614: Tape Library: Selecting Clean from tape drive context menu fails to clean drive

24617: Update EULA to use Sonic

24762: Add recognition for IBM LTO 5 drives

24887: Memory Exhaustion in previous code base

Retrospect 7.7 (325) for Windows

Added language support for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

19358: Front panel buttons of Breece Hill iStoRA library unresponsive

22946: 64 bit: Tape not detected sometimes when tape is inserted

23488: BMR Wizard text is wrapping improperly.

23509: Upgrade: 7.7 - 7.7   Launcher not stopped

23521: "Restore your computer" screen’s next button should be grayed or removed.

23587: Debug message log: TFileLoc::GetParent: folder is root, "INI"

23611: proactive script: Force Backup of Outlook data = fails

23678: Add LTO-5 support

23705: Feature request: Add instructive log for some common error

23717: BMR:Add warning to wizard for Drive Letters changing

23718: mount point is not displayed in execution terminal window

23727: MSR, EFI, and OEM partitions need text to say they cannot be formatted

23730: BMR: Allow user to place the backup set on a fixed non-critical disk.

23757: Feature request: VCB: Add more detailed text in terminal window while VM is mounting

23758: DR add-on eval should not be offered during Getting Started process

23773: Help:View Retrospect Read Me is unavailable

23781: BMR Wizard needs version number displayed somewhere in the wizard

23802: The only .rpx file should be rdu.rpx

23824: Tape eject not working

23839: Update copyright to 2010

23840: Copyright date: read me’s needs to updated to 2010

23883: Failed to restore 64bits Win 2k3 Active Directory

23896: Localized App crashes when adding a client

23927: 7.7 network message queue size should keep at least 64

23928: live restore to windows 2008 failing with "can’t link to" error (-1017)

23929: Memory Leak when keeping running proactive backup a few days

23937: Memory leak in GrantPreviledge, retromailbox

23948: 7.7 upgrade causes Unknown Response for Tape drives

23961: Retrospect crash when browse Windows client

23964: All x64: Assert at tstring.cpp-2095 when backing up to a disk backup set

23967: Transfer Backup Set or Snapshot crashes Retrospect

23980: Proactive script not running multiple executions

24007: RCU: - 560 error connecting to client after running .RCU

24015: When restoring to Windows OS log reads "System configuration restored, please reboot the computer" before execution is complete.

24041: Unable to duplicate Outlook.pst on Win7

24061: Retrospect fails to launch with 2 IPs assigned to a single NIC

24064: Express: Assert module.cpp-870

24069: Assert elem.cpp-1098 when selecting multiple sets on transfer snapshot script

24072: Path too long error during duplicate/restore stops operation

24075: Exchange, SQL add-ons and Add-on Value pack fail to add SQL & Exchange

24078: Zoom Text application stops working with 7.7 : assert to tstring.cpp-107

24085: SBS STD or PRM license does NOT enable SQL or Exchange

24105: Add recognition for IBM HH LTO3/LTO4

24130: Code Improvement-pipe name, mv suppot in mailboxbridgeutil.h

24138: Error -1101 on Scheduled VCB script with Retrospect launched

24145: Custom optical drive configurator does not start

24148: When verifying a removable backup set, Retrospect asks the user to insert the member which is already mounted

24159: Tape Library - Only one drive used during scripted multiple executions

24162: BMR>Retrospect client reports "Client has not been backed up since…​."

24163: Retrospect Asks for Credentials even after the Mailboxes showup   after authentication

24171: Crash on machine installed x64 Exchange 2007—​retromailbox bridge exits unexpectedly

24176: Retrospect cannot verify a removable backup set saved to a USB thumbdrive   or an Iomega Rev drive

24188: VCB duplication script failed

24193: BMR>Restore locally>Copyright date in "About Retrospect…​" is 1989-2006/8

24201: All BMR clients are named "minint-725jgf1"

24205: Express: Assert at opts-cpp.-341

24209: Wake on LAN option is missing hotkey

24210: Retrospect should display an error when licensing Exchange 2010

24225: Access Violation when backup multiple mailboxes because of mutex of MAPI connection

24237: Assert TString.cpp -374 TString::GetBinary when mailbox folder contains slash

24245: Debug string in log - PitonPacket::netimport:kPiCodeMacAddr

24254: Mailboxs gray out due to workstation service is stopped

24259: Potential Memory Leak for Meson Object created by new xxx

24260: Memory Exhaustion in Sidewinder code base

24263: Two Enhancements that harden disk catalog file operation logic during grooming

24303: HeapValidate failed with 7.7

24312: Matching Performance Enhancement

24313: Backing up FSG Causes "Module.cpp-840" Assert

24324: Proactive Backup using Tape Backup set not starting - waiting for media

24334: assert from VXA-3 backup escalation #24144

Retrospect 7.7 (203) for Windows

Added 64-bit support

Added VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) support

Added Emergency Recovery CD

Added support for Windows 7

Added wake-on-LAN for Windows and Mac clients

17354: Warning dialog does not come up when SQL/Exchange Full backup is deleted that has dependent Log and Diff backups

18818: Mailboxes show up as "Local Disk"

18941: Mailbox error -3407

19055: Mailbox backup reports no files need to be copied

19064: RSG in Dirty Shutdown Mode

19121: Tape Library: Fail to add tape library to Tape Backup Set

19122: Deleted Exchange 2k7 Mailboxes not automatically removed from volumes list

19285: Once per hour schedule not working correctly

19352: Client history not being updated

19373: Quantum SuperLoader3 SAS library shows up as SATA in location heading

19433: My Computer icon missing in Volume Database window

19582: Retrospect Defined Grooming Policy does not keep most recent backup for each week or month

19638: Client Installer: Vista file needs to be moved

19704: Automatic Shutdown fails with Screen Locked

19732: client installer does not launch firewall utility on XP SP3

19733: App Installer installer does not launch firewall utility on XP SP3

19844: WindowsUI: Engine crash when adding IESlot tape to tape backupset.

20740: contact info in assert log is incorrect.

21138: Registration screen in getting started wizard does not offer online registration

21269: Outlook 2007 not closing properly for backup

21276: Crash on exit of 2008 server

21288: Active Directory backup on Windows Server 2008 fails

21356: media verification backup script option broken for file media sets

21423: Can’t see the Mailboxes on Win2008-64bit Ex2007, error 0x80004005.

21550: Unable to successfully restore IIS on W2K3 Server

21836: Activity monitor not working well on Vista

22648: Win2k8 System Volume Restore error

22743: Feature request: Warn users to update old version retroclient

22912: Windows client: ClockSync between engine and client should use UTC

22920: .NET must be installed for Retrospect to run

22979: Feature Request: Email notification/report compatibility for multiple ISPs

23143: Add WORM support for HP DAT320

23157: Deleted Exchange2K3 Mailboxes not automatically removed from volumes list

23169: Log: need more details for can’t read, -1020 → missing Sharing Violation text

23174: elem.cpp-1000

23232: Logged in Filevault enabled users directory not mounted on OS X Server

23410: Add recognition for Quantum Scalar i40-i80 library

23412: Add recognition for HP DAT320 tape drive

23414: Add recognition for NEC T40A2 library

23559: Win 7 client: Registry not restored

23579: Mac client: 10.6 server - unable to run a full system restore

23581: Mac Client: 10.6: compare errors and Trouble reading files, error -2351 ( File is encrypted)

24100: Infinite Loop Recatalogging Disk Media Set

24301: Modified firmware bounds for Quantum rebranded HP LTO3HH/LTO4HH

24326: Add recognition for IBM TS2900 library (3572-TL)

24397: Add recognition for Quantum DAT320 tape drive (OEM’d from Sony)

24399: Add recognition for Tandberg LTO-5 tape drive (OEM’d from HP)

24411: Add WORM support for Quantum DAT320 (OEM’d from Sony)

24427: 3405 error on mailboxes

24441: Add recognition for Sony DAT320 tape drive

24600: Tape eject fails in verification if off

24614: Tape Library: Selecting Clean from tape drive context menu fails to clean drive

24617: Update EULA to use Sonic

24762: Add recognition for IBM LTO 5 drives

24887: Memory Exhaustion in previous code base

Last Update: March 14, 2012

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