Express HD - How do I install Retrospect Express HD 2.0?
  • 24 Oct 2023
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Express HD - How do I install Retrospect Express HD 2.0?

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Before installing Retrospect Express HD 2.0, please verify your current setup meets the basic system requirements.

To run Retrospect Express HD, you need:

  • An Intel Pentium-class processor (1.0 GHz or more recommended)
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP (32-bit or x64)
  • A hard disk with 500 MB free (610 MB if you are running x64)
  • TCP/IP networking (if you are backing up over a network)
  • An external hard drive or network hard drive for storing backups
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (the Retrospect Express HD installer will help you install this if  It is not already installed on your computer)

Note: If you have a third-party firewall or router, make sure that ports 49700 and 49701 are open for best performance.


  1. Insert Retrospect Express HD 2.0 Installation CD into CD/DVD drive.
  2. Install splash screen will automatically launch.? Choose Install Retrospect Express HD. Note: Depending on system configurations, you may need to manually start theInstaller.

Open My Computer> Double click CD/DVD drive> Double click Setup.exe

  1. Click Next.
  2. Read License Agreement.Choose I accept the terms in the License Agreement. Click Next.
  3. Enter your user information. Choose Anyone who uses this computer. Click Next.
  4. Select the Recommended installation and click Next.
  5. Click Install to begin the installation.
  6. Click Allow when the installation prompts for Retrospect Express HD to be allowed in the Windows firewall settings.
  7. Click Finish to complete the installation. Note: A system restart is highly recommended after the installation.
  8. To launch the program, go to Start > All Programs > EMC Retrospect > Retrospect Express HD 2.0. . Please enter the 16 digit alpha-numeric license code that came with your product. Note: If your version of Retrospect Express HD 2.0 came pre-licensed, you can disregard this step.
  9. Done! Retrospect Express HD 2.0 is ready for backup.

Last Update: February 14, 2012

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